Car tires slashed again in Mesa neighborhood, police asking for public's help

MESA, AZ - Authorities are hoping to catch those responsible for slashing several tires in Mesa, the second time this month.

Detective Steve Berry of the Mesa Police Department said 20 vehicles were cut or slashed near Country Club Drive and Guadalupe Road Wednesday night. Berry said the incident occurred around 11 p.m.

This is the same area where several tires were slashed on Nov. 11 .

Police were called to the scene after a victim noticed the tires on his vehicle had been slashed. Authorities said victims' vehicles had several tires slashed.

Some of the vehicles were also damaged in the Nov. 11 incident , said Berry.

Police woke up Susan Hernandez early Thanksgiving morning.

"When you get a loud knock at 1 o'clock in the morning and a cop is at your door, you always think the worst."

Her two left tires on her SUV, slashed. She's grateful that more damage wasn't done. "They didn't steal my car, they didn't break into my house. It could've been worse, you still have to be thankful," she said.

Police also woke up Tom Wells around 12:30 a.m. His brand new tire on his truck was flattened but because it's the holiday, it'll sit in his driveway. "We have no choice, everybody's closed," he said.  "So we have to wait until tomorrow or Saturday. We just hope that they catch them, this is getting ridiculous."

One resident, who wasn't a target is ready to see the vandalism stop. He says, "Veterans Day, we woke up and it happened and then Thanksgiving. That's not what people want to be doing in the morning is fixing slashed tires you know."

Authorities believe the suspects probably live in the general area and are hoping someone may have noticed them walking in the area last night.

Police patrolled the area for three hours overnight, but didn't locate anything or anyone related to the crime.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Mesa police at 480-644-2211 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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