Aspiring teen designer Keytha Fixico makes dresses for prom date

MESA, AZ - 17-year-old Keytha Fixico has been designing women's clothing for the past two years, so it was only fitting that he created a one-of-a-kind dress for his prom date.

"I didn't think he could pull it off because there was so little time," said Fixico's date, Alexsis Ballentyne.

Fixico was inspired in 2011 by a runway show he watched online from New York Fashion week. From there, he started sketching.

"I took out things I didn't like and kept the concepts I liked. I showed them to my mom the next day and it just took off from there," said Fixico.

Fixico has since been featured in numerous fashion shows around the Valley showing off the two collections he has created. His main goal is to make it to the fashion capital of the world, where he can learn from the best.

"I've made some connections and I'm hoping I can get an internship with one of the top designers in New York," said Fixico.

Last year Fixico designed a flowy navy dress for his junior prom date, and this year he wanted to one-up the design with a dress made out of a color he calls "Valentino red."

"I fell in love with this color. I kept it backless and put a slit on it to make it different from my typical designs," said Fixico.

Fixico's date Alexsis couldn't be more thrilled with the design. She's hoping to wear this dress and possibly another dress to Mountain View High School's prom on Saturday to show off all of Fixico's best work.

You can view Fixico's work on his website .

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