Arizona ranks highest in the nation for kids in state care

MESA, AZ - Right now there are 15,000 Arizona kids in state care and not nearly enough foster and adoptive homes to help them.

People who work in the system say your lawmakers need to take action to make change happen.

"It's heartbreaking right now.  We are very frustrated, we're very upset by the fact that these little ones are spending the night in case managers' offices rather than with loving families," said Marcia Reck with Child Crisis Center.

Child Crisis Center is a 42 bed emergency shelter in Mesa. Right now every one of those beds are full.

"I wish it would change. I don't see anything on the horizon," Reck said.

She said she's thrilled the CPS Oversight Committee is finally meeting, but we all know talk is cheap.

"We have a new session starting in January, so we'll see what comes at that point," Reck said.

She said if we help families before it gets to this point, there will be fewer kids placed in state custody.

"In the long run it would save the state money, if they had done that," she said.

But the reality is, they haven't. Even with 15,000 children in CPS custody, even more need help.

A fundraiser will be held to benefit the Child Crisis Center Saturday, October 19 from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. at Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa.

For more information on Child Crisis Center, you can visit their website.



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