Women in Gilbert impersonate HALO Animal Rescue during door-to-door solicitation for donations

GILBERT, AZ - The Gilbert Police Department is looking for two women who reportedly asked for fraudulent HALO Animal Rescue donations from a citizen in Gilbert during a door-to-door solicitation.

According to police, two women had come to the door of a Gilbert resident around 6 p.m. on Nov. 2 asking for donations to the animal shelter.

The women had two dogs with them, a German Shepherd and another tan-colored mixed breed dog.

The resident told police that the women told them they needed donations in order to keep HALO Animal Rescue, a local no-kill animal facility, from closing.

The resident did not give the women the money they were asking, but decided to verify the legitimacy of the claims.

HALO later told police that the women were in fact impersonating the shelter.

One of the women is said to have short blonde hair and the other reportedly has long blonde hair.

Gilbert Police say that there is no other information on the incident and that this appears to be the only fraudulent report involving the HALO shelter.

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