Woman says accused cancer scammer stole money from her

GILBERT, AZ - A valley woman says she was also scammed by the woman who police say stole thousands of dollars from valley residents.

The woman, who asked us to protect her identity says she met Kelly Wasko through a Craigslist ad.  She tells us Wasko was trying to sell her car, and asked her for a $1,000 down payment.  She claims Wasko gave her the wrong VIN number for the car, so when the bank tried to call her for it, she would hang up.

"She just wouldn't talk to the bank.  She kept saying she was busy," said the victim.

The victim tells us she saw that Wasko re-posted the ad for the same car on Craigslist just a few days later.

"I had my friend email her about the car.  She then tried to sell it to my friend.  That's when I realize something was wrong," said the victim.

Police say Wasko stole close to 20-thousand dollars from people. Most of the money came from a website a family member set up to raise money for her cancer treatment. 

Police say Wasko lied to her family about the cancer to get them to set up the website. Wasko is also accused of taking money from another cancer patient.

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