Jodi Arias verdict: What is it like sharing your name with a murder victim? Ask Travis Alexander

GILBERT, AZ - What is it like sharing your name with a famous murder victim? A Travis Alexander who lives in Gilbert, Arizona knows all too well.

He first found out about the other Travis Alexander after he was killed five years ago.

"I had a co-worker call to make sure I was okay," said the very-much-alive Alexander from his Gilbert home on Sunday.

The two share the same first and last name, are about the same age, and even have the same haircut.

But the similarities end there for the state auditor.

He says even with the huge coverage that is coming with the Jodi Arias trial he says he doesn't get a lot of questions about his name. 

"I'm surprised by that because it is happening here," Alexander says.

This Travis Alexander admits he keeps up with the trial fairly often.

And he tells us, yes, he thinks Jodi Arias is guilty.



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