Phoenix Children's Hospital offers tips for parents to keep kids safe around water

You've heard the message, "Watch your kids around water", but there's more you can do to prevent drownings.

Two year-old Charlie is Dan Morrow's first child and with every step he takes, his mom and dad are right behind.

Morrow says as new parents, they never take their eyes off Charlie. However, even under constant supervision, Charlie still finds ways to do things the Morrow's didn't realize he could.

Morrow said he's learned to never underestimate a toddler, but this is exactly why he worries. The Morrow family has a pool in their backyard and just as easily as Charlie climbs on things around the house, Morrow says he worries Charlie might find ways to climb into the pool area.

Water Safety Coordinator at Phoenix Children's Hospital, Tiffaney Isaacson said kids are fearless and often times there's no limit to their determination to get into a pool area.

So Isaacson said keeping your kids safe goes beyond just watching them around water. She said you can be proactive by making sure you have a barrier, like a fence, around the pool. Also make sure it works properly and that it's secured.

Isaacson also recommends you take a walk around your pool gate looking for anything your children can use to climb over the fence. She said you should put things like tables and chairs, or anything else they can climb, inside the pool area so they're out of reach.

Also, don't leave toys out because these can attract children and motivate them even more to get into the pool area.

One danger parents don't always think about are the pet access doors, or "Doggie Doors". While these are meant to be used by your pets, kids can often fit through them and will use them to access the pool area.

Make sure you can lock or secure the pet doors when needed and ideally that they lead into a backyard that is still separated from the pool by a fence.

Isaacson adds a couple other things you can do to keep your children safe around water are designate a water watcher or get an alarm for the pool gate.

For more information on water safety, visit Phoenix Children's Hospital's Water Watchers website .

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