Valley couples hope to make wedding more special with sequential date, 11/12/13

GILBERT, AZ - When couples usually think about picking out that special day to get hitched, Tuesday is not usually the day that comes to mind.

However, today over 3,000 couples were expected to get married according to David's Bridal. This is significantly higher than the 371 couples that wed on the same Tuesday of the month last year.

Five weddings were cheduled at a chapel in Gilbert. Chris and Caroline Synowiec were one of the couples that decided to make their special day a little more memorable.

The day 11/12/13 will be the second to last sequential date of the century. The last day will be on 12/13/14, which happens to be Chris Synowiec's birthday. That date also happens to fall on a Saturday. Wedding experts are projecting quite a large number of weddings considering Saturday is the most popular day to wed.

As for Chris, he believes this unique date can only help stay out of trouble. "As a guy I need any chance I can get to help remember our anniversary," he said.

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