Valley business helping busy moms shed their clothes and fears

GILBERT, AZ - From housewives to busy moms to working professionals, Valley women are leaving their fears at the door and taking it off.

Boudoir photos are making a comeback. These risqué pictures are putting Gilbert mom Casie Omundson's life into focus.

"I'm 36 years old and a mother of six," smiled Casie. This shy, stay-at-home mom stays on the go.

"When they come home from school is when the chaos starts," added Omundson. "We have girl scouts, boy scouts, soccer, cheer, dance and that's just half the activities we do."

Omundson juggles raising a 16-year-old son and five adopted siblings ranging from 4 to 8 years old.

"I believe that there's a purpose for everyone's life and we were chosen for a reason. They're my babies and to me they're mine," explained Omundson.

As if her schedule wasn't crazy enough, she runs a non-profit that raises money for Valley children's charities. Plus, her husband works out of town during the week and is only home on weekends.

"It's a transition and I've had to remind myself you're still a mom, but still a woman too and you're still a wife," Omundson expressed.

Like so many busy moms, she is feeling her age creeping up on her.

"I've never really felt my age until the last year or so I've really felt it," giggled Omundson.

So she is getting a break and getting pampered. She's the winner of Flash Boudoir's busy mom makeover.

This Scottsdale photography studio brought in a team of professional makeup and hair stylists to transform this East Valley soccer mom into a diva.

"This is the new me. Let's see who the new me is," said Omundson.

Her sultry photos are a birthday gift to her husband. He's a cancer survivor who not only encouraged her to enter the contest, he helped pick out her lingerie and jewelry.

Ladies on both sides of the lens are taking a risk. Longtime photographer Melissa Mulera went from shooting grade school pictures to racy boudoir pin-ups.

"Everybody has a camera these days," said Mulera from Flash Boudoir. "Everybody is taking their own family photos and you can't take your own boudoir photos and do it well especially."

Mulera's partner and photographer Tina Celle helps nervous moms and wives, like Omundson, find their inner sexy during the special photo shoots.

"So basically we try to get them to relax their shoulder and long neck and just think sexy thoughts," explained Celle. "It usually takes about five to 10 minutes to warm them up."

Omundson's steamy makeover exposed something much more special them her smile.

"It's a new beginning for me, this is my new year," she exclaimed. "I kind of saw myself as mom and not a sexy woman. I see it now."

Photo packages at Flash Boudoir start at $450.

Flash Boudoir
7040 E. 5th Ave. (inside Studio No. 5)
Scottsdale, AZ

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