Gilbert residents report possible burglars casing homes with garage door openers

GILBERT, AZ - A "safety alert" is being distributed to homes in and around the Trilogy at Power Ranch neighborhood in southeast Gilbert after a couple of people were seen possibly casing homes for burglaries, neighbors said.

The possible burglars appear to be testing different garage door openers to see if any of the remotes activate a garage.

"Lock your doors," said resident Luvena Luckett. "Be on the lookout for a green or grey truck."

The notice that was sent out to residents near Power and Ocotillo Roads reads: 

We have had reports of a Grey/Green Truck slowly driving the streets with occupants testing what appear to be garage door remotes. As an additional safety precaution please make sure you lock your inner garage door. Please be vigilant and if you notice any suspicious activity contact the Gilbert Police Department immediately…

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