Gilbert mental hospital update: Plans to build facility dropped, CEO says in letter

GILBERT, AZ - Plans to build a mental health facility in Gilbert have been dropped, says the company's CEO.

In a letter addressed Monday to the Mayor of Gilbert, John Lewis, Springstone said the company is withdrawing their plans to build a mental health facility near Val Vista Drive and Williams Field Road after residents continued to fight the proposed plans.

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"Despite the jurisdictional approvals our hospital has received and the fact that out project is proposed in an appropriately zoned area, these opponents have procedural rights under the law that allow them to delay initiation of construction on the hospital for 12 months or more," the letter states. "They have made it abundantly clear they plan to exercise those rights at any cost."

CEO W. Earl Reed said the company does not want to be a point of division for the community nor wants to be the target of a negative campaign.

The company said they will continue their work to increase accessibility for behavior health services and work to address the "bias that hinders individuals and families"  from receiving care.




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