PD: Gilbert shooting victim had called police in the past

GILBERT, AZ - Police in the Phoenix suburb of Gilbert say a woman who was shot and killed by her neo-Nazi boyfriend called authorities earlier this year to report that he had choked her.

Sgt. Bill Balafas said Thursday that 47-year-old Lisa Lynn Mederos called the department in February to report an incident that had happened in August 2011.

Mederos reported that Jason Todd Ready had choked her, but Balafas says there was not enough evidence to make an arrest and no charges were filed.

It isn't clear why Mederos decided to report the incident so long after it happened.

Police said Ready shot and killed Mederos and three others Wednesday, including her 16-month old granddaughter, before fatally shooting himself.

Balafas said the evidence suggests a domestic dispute, but investigators aren't sure what triggered it.

Balafas added Gilbert police have gone to the Mederos home five times since 2009, most recently in February, when Lisa Mederos called to report that Ready had choked her in August 2011.

Balafas said there was not enough evidence to make an arrest, and no charges were filed. It was unclear why Mederos would have waited six months to make the call.

The other times police responded to the home included a suicide threat by Amber Mederos in November 2009 and a suspicious activity report filed by Ready, Balafas said.