Parents question changes at Gilbert Public Schools

GILBERT, AZ - Parents are questioning Gilbert School officials over big changes at the district.

At the same time, school board officials have wrapped up an internal investigation.

School board members said they brought an internal investigation to Gilbert police Tuesday afternoon.

But we're still waiting to find out exactly what the investigation involves.

Even before it, parents were asking a lot of questions.

The past few months brought a change of leadership to Gilbert Public Schools , with three out of four assistant superintendents leaving the district and several other resignations, including a high school principal and an athletic director.

Parents are questioning why that's happening.

"I don't think it's the end. I think it's just the starting point of losing so many valuable people. And I'm worried about us recovering from that,” Susie Jackson said.

Interim superintendent Dr. Jack Keegan said many of the resignations were “due to a normal process.”

But some parents want school officials, including the school board, to be more transparent about such a big changes.

"We have an A+ district. Without our staff in place we're not going to have that A+ rating,” said Angie Draper, a parent.

School board members told ABC15 over the phone that they have the students' best interests in mind. But some parents disagree.

"We need some fresh blood in there, to take out the games and leave politics at the door. And we need to focus on the board's job-- educating our children,” Draper said.

School board members said once the details of the investigation are released, it should answer a lot of questions.

Board members also told ABC15 they had to change district policies because of this investigation when it comes to limiting staff acceptance of gifts.

But we're not sure yet if that's what this investigation entails.

Gilbert police confirm they have received the documents from school board members. They’re reviewing the case to see if it warrants a criminal investigation.

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