Marissa DeVault trial: Jurors see police interrogation video in Arizona hammer murder case

GILBERT, AZ - The timestamp at the bottom of Marissa DeVault's interrogation video paints a powerful picture: January 14th, 2009. 

It was hours after she now admits to beating her husband to death with a hammer. But, you'd never know it by watching her demeanor.

"Dale always wants bigger and better and he always says he's not materialistic, but he's the first one to ***** and moan," she laughs.

For hours, the jury watched DeVault tell stories about everything from the day she met her husband and the children they had together to their difficult sex life and his controlling tendencies.

"Bills and money management, that's what they were always about. It's like God, do we have electricity, do we have food, do we have a roof over our head? Shut up!" she laughs, again.

The 36-year-old woman from Gilbert claims she's a victim of abuse and didn't see another way out. But, the prosecution is telling a different story saying DeVault killed her husband for an insurance payout.

At times during the interrogation, DeVault was cheerful and talked about Dale like a high school crush.

"I sent him text messages and they're like 'I love you and I hope you have a very good day at work'" she tells authorities in the video.

But, mere minutes later, she recounts what she claims was nonstop abuse.

"He actually pinned me down on the couch and hit me three times. That pisses me off. I should know what his indicators are," she says.

There's still a lot more of this interrogation that jurors haven't seen, including answers from DeVault explaining what led up to the brutal beating. 

They'll be back in court on Wednesday.

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