Kelly Wasko update: Gilbert woman accused of faking cancer also told other lies according to police

GILBERT, AZ - The woman accused of scamming more than 100 friends and family members out of thousands of dollars by pretending to have cancer , told several other lies, according to Gilbert police.

Kelly Wasko, 41, was booked into the 4th Avenue jail last week accused of fraud and theft, but was originally arrested for the crimes back in August.

Police say she took a total of $20,000 by claiming she had non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and needed a bone marrow transplant that insurance wouldn't cover.

On Monday, Gilbert police released their report that details the elaborate web of lies.

According to the document, Wasko also told people she was pregnant, her ex kidnapped her children, she had a kidney infection, she was being evicted, her seven-year-old son was in the hospital having his bone marrow extracted, and her adult daughter had just died.

That adult daughter she referenced is the same person who started fundraising for Wasko when Wasko claimed she had cancer.

Earlier this year, a Facebook page was put up to help raise money. Police say she got $1,000 from the adult daughter living out of state before her daughter turned her in. She also took $350 from an actual cancer patient with Stage 3 breast cancer.

Wasko also swindled an additional $8,000 from another woman after she was released from jail in August, police said.

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