Homes, cars damaged after Sunday storms slam parts of east Phoenix

EAST VALLEY - Arizona families found themselves cleaning up after strong storms hit parts of the East Valley Sunday night.

One family in Chandler had a tree crash into their roof, while another man was in his vehicle was a large tree fell on it. Thankfully no one was injured in either incident, but those involved are thankful to be alive.

"I feel really lucky because if this part [points to a tree branch] was even over this way a little bit more it would've come down on top of my head," said Louis Mcnulty. 

Sunday evening he was leaving for work from his Gilbert home as usual. Only that day monsoon storms were slamming the east Valley. 

He was setting up his Bluetooth in the car when "all of a sudden I felt the car move. And this thing came through...the top," he said.

The wind snapped a thick branch off of a nearby tree and it crashed into Mcnulty's BMW, cutting through the roof.

"I'm sitting there, I'm covered in glass and can't get that side open so I actually had to push this side open and crawl out," he explained. "The adrenaline was going after was pretty traumatic."

He hopes the car can be saved but realizes it could be a long shot, still he remains optimistic. 

A Chandler family is also counting their blessings that no one was injured, when their fifty foot pine tree smashed into their home Sunday evening.

"All those years in Iowa, I never once had damage to our home with all those tornadoes," said Tammy Jacobs. "Now in Arizona to have this go on."

The storm snapped the tree like a toothpick, sending some branches through the roof and straight into the living room.

"I know the most important thing is we got out safely, and we're doing fine," she said.

The family spent the night at a neighbor's house just to be safe.

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