Goodyear man, Eugene Maraventano, admits to killing wife and son

GOODYEAR, AZ - Police have released the 911 call from a Goodyear man who had just killed his wife and son and also claimed he tried to kill himself.

"I slit my wrists and wrapped a bag around my head, but I just can't die," said Eugene Maraventano on the phone with a 911 dispatcher.

Maraventano hinted his plan was for a mercy killing and suicide and said several times that he should have gotten more Paxil, hinting that he might be dealing with depression.

Police found two bodies in his home with several stab wounds and a butcher knife 14 inches long.

Maraventano later told detectives he is not a violent person and that is why he used a knife instead of a gun to kill his wife and son.

The reasons Maraventano gave for the killings are even stranger that the killings themselves. 

Maraventano said he was afraid he gave his wife AIDS after visiting prostitutes in his past. He also claimed he killed her because she had cancer, even though he later said she had tested negative. 

He also told police he killed his adult son because he was afraid he would lead a lonely life without them.

Maraventano is currently being treated in the jailhouse infirmary.


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