Gilbert teacher, former football coach Daniel Dunn accused of slapping student

GILBERT, AZ - A Gilbert teacher and former head football coach is on administrative leave after being accused of slapping a student in the face during class.

Police have arrested Daniel Dunn on misdemeanor assault charges, but his attorney said the incident was an accident.

Police interviewed several students who witnessed what happened, including the alleged victim.

He says Dunn was standing next to his desk and arguing with a student, and when the victim started laughing, he says Dunn slapped him in the face, and said, "I told you to shut up."

The student was not hurt and immediately reported the incident to school officials.

Student witnesses told police they saw Dunn slap the student. But some aren't sure that he meant to.

We spoke with a student who heard the story from her teacher.

"I just heard that he went to flip someone's hat off and it brushed his head and that's what happened," said Araiah Jamison.

Dunn told police his hand hit the student's hat.

His attorney tells ABC15, "We believe this was incidental contact. In no way did Dan intend to hit the young man and we intend to prove that."

According to the police report, the school has opened an internal investigation.

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