Gilbert police: Investigation finds video evidence in Rex Altree DUI arrest case was altered

GILBERT, AZ - An arrest video that led to the dismissal of an extreme DUI case is now the center of another case after an investigation revealed that the video once used as evidence was altered, according to Gilbert police Monday.

In September 2010, 56-year-old Rex Altree was arrested for an extreme DUI by a Gilbert police officer.

While in court, Altree provided a video that proved his driving was not consistent with the police report, leading to the dismissal of his case in November 2011.

The officer who arrested Altree brought the video to Criminal Investigations and had it examined by a forensic computer analyst, according to the Gilbert Police Department.

Results from the exam reportedly showed that the dates and times stamped on the video were altered and the DUI case was resubmitted on Friday.

The exam findings provided probable cause for Altree's arrest. He was arrested at the Gilbert Municipal Court.

Altree now faces felony charges related to perjury, forgery, tampering with physical evidence and obstructing a criminal investigation.


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