Gilbert police arrest man trying to make 'citizen's arrest'

GILBERT, AZ - A Chandler man was arrested Wednesday after he allegedly grabbed a jogger running in the bike lane on a Gilbert street and claimed to be making a citizen's arrest.

Karl "Jack" Frost, 47, was arrested for unlawful imprisonment, disorderly conduct and assault after he grabbed the 52-year-old Chandler man who was jogging on Islands Drive West toward Warner Road.

Frost told ABC15 that he and the jogger argued over who had the right to be in the bicycle lane.

According to Arizona law, "a path or lane that is designated as a bicycle path or lane by state or local authorities is for the exclusive use of bicycle."

Frost claims the jogger pushed him as the two were passing. That's when Frost grabbed the jogger, held him to the ground and dialed 911.

Gilbert police stated that Frost, the jogger, and a witness all reported the same facts, but that Frost did not mention the initial assault until after he was arrested.

"I was blown away," Frost said of being arrested. "I'm in the bike lane, in the right. The jogger is breaking the law. He assaulted me first."

A witness said that Frost was the aggressor, according to police. 

Frost said that witness did not see the entire incident.

In an e-mail to ABC15, Gilbert police said that a citizen cannot make a "citizen's arrest" on someone misusing a bicycle lane; in fact, neither can an officer since that violation is only a "civil traffic offense."

Frost said that when the 911 call is released, it will prove that he mentioned the assault initially to police as a reason for holding the down the jogger.

When interviewed at his home, Frost told reporters he is a security guard who currently teaches and was a former police officer in the United Kingdom. He is now a citizen of the United States, he said.

"I'm extremely well trained," he said, "so if I wanted to injure [the jogger] I could have. I didn't."

When Frost was arrested, police found him to be armed with a loaded .40 caliber Glock in his waistband. Frost told ABC15 that the weapon was a 9mm and he has a permit to carry it.

Frost believes he was only arrested because he told the officer he wanted to record the officer's comments.

Cyclist can die and have died when trying to avoid obstacles in the bike lane by swerving into traffic, said Frost.

Gilbert police urge citizens to call police and avoid confrontations in situations like this.

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