Plan for mental health facility near Gilbert school canceled

GILBERT, AZ - Parents of students at Pioneer Elementary School are breathing a sigh of relief Thursday night after their efforts to stop the construction of a mental hospital next door to the school were heard.

Parents received the good news at a school meeting held by the Pioneer Elementary principal.

"Everyone was receiving calls at the same time and once we found out that this is really happening, there were just cheers, clapping, tears and just gratitude," said mom Amy Peterson.

Parents sprang into action more than a week ago when they heard plans were underway to build a new behavioral hospital and addiction recovery facility just steps away from the school.

Parents immediately got in contact with the City of Gilbert and the owners of Saguaro Springs who planned to build the facility.

Never did these parents expect the outcome they heard on Thursday.

"When it comes to your children's safety, you'll do just about anything. We are just so thankful that Saguaro Springs took our concerns to heart," said one parent.

Saguaro Springs is working with the City of Gilbert to find a new location. Parents are making sure their gratitude is being heard.

"We were going to picket Friday morning, but instead we will be holding signs saying thank you. It means the world to us," said Peterson.

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