Gilbert couple inside Chandler Walmart during deadly shooting

GILBERT, AZ - We are learning more about what happened inside a Chandler Walmart after a shooting Sunday.

Gilbert couple Daniel and Katie Hanis say they stopped by the large store near Alma School and Warner Roads with their 8-month-old son and Daniel's 9-year-old sister.

Daniel and Katie went separate ways inside. Katie took the kids to a section near the front. Daniel looked at items in the back.

According to police, two men now identified as Cyle Quadlin, 25, of Chandler and Kriston Chee, 36, of Phoenix got into a verbal argument near a cash register. Things turned violent and police say Quadlin pulled out a gun and shot and killed Chee.

Daniel says, "Out of nowhere you just hear a loud sounded like something really heavy fell off a shelf."

That when Katie says things turned chaotic. "There were people running, there were people screaming 'call 911 he's got a gun, he's on the floor bleeding.'"

Katie says she too went into survival mode. "I grabbed my son out of the cart, I grabbed his sister's hand, I dropped my stuff and I ran as fast as I could to get out of there."

They ran to a nearby car wash where she was able to call Daniel who'd been evacuated through the back of the store.

Once Katie and Daniel were reunited, they were relieved. But the incident has them shaken up. Daniel, a former U.S. Marine, says Walmart should offer everyone who was there counseling services.

"It doesn't take a lot for somebody to relive these experiences. This is something that can be traumatic especially for the younger children that were there," he says.

Police say they are still interviewing many witnesses. Quadlin's claim of self-defense is still being reviewed and no arrest has been made.

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