FBI: Ready was under investigation before shootings

GILBERT, AZ - The man who shot four people to death at a Gilbert home Wednesday afternoon was under investigation long before the shootings.

A federal search warrant may also indicate a possible mystery person involved in the tragedy.

Police say former neo-Nazi Leader J.T. Ready shot and killed his girlfriend and three others, including a 15-month-old girl, before turning the gun on himself at a home near Warner and Cooper roads.

According to information in the warrant, Brittany Mederos, who was in the house during the shooting and called 911, told police that Ready was trying to get away in his car. She also indicated that he was expecting a visitor.

Ready was also under investigation by the FBI prior to the shootings.

The FBI would not elaborate, except to say he was under the microscope for possibly harming or killing illegal border crossers.

"His words of hate aimed at non-white groups is something we looked at," said Special Agent in Charge James L. Turgal, Jr.
The FBI is also working to try to figure out how he got the weapons and grenades found in the home after the shooting.

The search warrant also shows the FBI seized computers, Nazi and police uniforms, and approximately a dozen military ordinance grenades that are illegal and not available on the civilian market.

"We are looking into how he got them and where they came from, absolutely," said Turgal.
Meanwhile, family members of the victims were seen at the home late in the day with a U-Haul truck moving things in and out of the home.
Hugo Mederos' ex-wife Lisa Mederos, his daughter Amber Mederos, and his grand-daughter 15-month-old Lilly were killed along with Amber's fiancée Jim Hiott.
Mederos' youngest daughter Brittany, 19, is the sole survivor.
"She is kind of in lock down mode in her brain. She is the one who heard the baby crying and the shooting," said Mederos.
Mederos owns the home and tells ABC15 that his daughters never told him anything about his ex-wife's personal relations with Ready.
"I'm angry at me because I should have checked more on what kind of person was living here," he said tearfully.

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