Business owner takes on thieves who stole trailer

GILBERT, AZ - A Valley business owner took matters in to his own hands and chased down two burglars accused of stealing merchandise from his store Sunday.

It's a story that's hard to believe because it sounds like something out of an action movie.

"I think I've watched too many action movies," said Ryan Marselis, the owner of SDHQ Offroad Racing.

Marselis, along with two of his employees, chased down two suspected burglars who are accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from his store.

The incident happened near Greenfield and Elliot roads in Gilbert.

Marselis told ABC15 that he was chasing the suspects in his truck while they were running away.

In what sounds almost too crazy to believe, Marselis said he popped open the driver's side door hitting one of the suspects, Daniel Moreno, 28, in the back.

Immediately after that, Marselis jumped out of his moving vehicle at 30mph and tackled Moreno.

The story, posted on (website contains language that may be offensive to some readers) went viral receiving more than 60,000 hits in one day.

Gilbert police also arrested Kristie Jo Tinder, 35, and said that one suspect is still on the loose.

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