Arizona laws don't protect against online impersonation

GILBERT - Reve Osheel's friends contacted her mom complaining about the nasty comments on Instagram.  But, the 12-year-old isn't allowed to be on the social network.  That's when her mom realized someone else was pretending to be her daughter.

"That was me and my friend.  We did the talent show together," Reve points out.

But, the middle schooler didn't post this photo on Instagram.  Someone else did.  They created a fake Instagram account, using Reve's name and pictures from her mom's profile.  The imposter even listed Reve's friends in the bio.

"And a little boy from our school, who passed away, they even put rest in peace and his name," Brooke Barr, Reve's mom, tells us.

The profile looked legit.

"It had 35 posts, had 83 followers in 5 days, they were following 165 people," Brooke points out.

The imposter starting harassing Reve's friends.

"You are such a brat, [explicit], [explicit]," Brooke reads from one of the posts.  "And, like, you think you're popular but you're not.  So stop acting like one and you will never be one because you are a [explicit]."

Brooke says 12-year-olds just aren't capable of handling something like this.  At school, Reve got the blame.

"They just go, oh they thought it was you," says Reve.

Brooke decided to meet with with one of the girls bullied by the imposter.

"She had tears in her eyes.  And she said it was a really bad couple of days," Brooke says.  "And shes like, it's ok.  And I said, it's not ok, it's really not ok.  And you don't need to think it's ok.  But, you need to know this wasn't Reve and that I am going to get to the bottom of this."

That's easier said than done.  Gilbert police told Brooke because Reve wasn't directly harassed, she's not considered a victim.  Also, in order to figure out who's behind the fake account, they would need a subpoena or a search warrant.  But, because Reve isn't considered a victim, their hands are tied.

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