Animal rescue not giving Camara family their Boston Terrier Molly back

GILBERT, AZ - A family in Gilbert is turning to ABC15 to help them get their dog back.

About a month ago Molly, a Boston Terrier, was let out of her house and ran off. She was quickly picked up by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, and eventually ended up at the Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue.     

Since Molly's recovery, Carla Camara and her family have been fighting to get Molly back.

The Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue is refusing to return the Camara's family's pet.

Carla said everyone misses Molly. 

"It's just so heart-wrenching," Carla said. "I just don't understand why they won't give our dog back. She's our dog. She comes from a loving, well-taken care of home."

ABC15 reached out to the Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue and asked if they plan to give Molly back to the Camara family.

The rescue has not yet said if they will, but mentioned they do plan to eventually give a public statement on the controversy.

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