Woman sued by water company over Facebook posts

SAN TAN VALLEY, AZ - Emily Hughes said when she turned on her faucet in June, the water that came out was yellow. She said her water company, Johnson Utilities, wasn't doing anything about it, so she turned to social media.

Emily posted video of the yellow water on her Facebook page, writing that she was, "So disgusted right now."

"I guess I decided to share it and to see if others were having the same problems," Emily said.

But then, Emily said her problems got even worse.

"October 8th is when I was served," she said.

Emily and her husband are being sued by Johnson Utilities. The company claimed her statements were defamatory.

"The complaint alleges that she made false statements about the quality of the water," her attorney Marc Victor said.

"We don't think that she said anything at all that's actionable," he added.

But that doesn't make this whole mess any easier on Emily's family. She wanted to speak out to let people know this can happen.

"I just don't want this to happen to anyone else," she said.

But Victor said as long as what you say is true, you shouldn't have to worry.

ABC15 News has repeatedly called Johnson Utilities to ask for a comment for this story. Our calls have not been returned.

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