Woman, dog badly injured after stray pit bull attacks in Chandler neighborhood

CHANDLER, AZ - A Chandler woman is recovering after she was attacked last week while taking her dog for a walk.

Carole Kaufman said a pit bull grabbed her dog Daisy's neck while they were out on a walk, and when Kaufman intervened to protect her 6-year-old terrier mix, the pit bull snapped at her hand.

"It just came tearing straight across and ran right at us," Kaufman described of the attack.

Daisy was bitten in the throat and hindquarters. Kaufman said her dog may also have suffered damage to her trachea.

"I tried shoving my hand in the dog's mouth to try to pry open the dog's teeth," she said. Eventually neighbors stepped in and pulled the dog away.

The pit bull remained quarantined at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Monday night as an owner has yet to come forward. Because the dog is a stray, MCACC said the dog will remain on a 10-day hold before possibly being put down.

Kaufman is in bandages after suffering a bite to the hand, but she's expected to be OK. Mostly, she tells us, she's angry the attack even happened.

"I'm angry that someone left their dog out," she said. "I think the owner is responsible."




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