Walmart shooter tells ABC15 he feared for his life

CHANDLER, AZ - A man who allegedly shot and killed another man at a Chandler Walmart last weekend is speaking out.

Police say Cyle Quadlin shot and killed Kriston Chee on Sunday during a fight. Quadlin told police he feared for his life.

Days after the incident Quadlin is still shaken up, replaying exactly what happened.

He tells ABC15 he went to Walmart to fill out a money order and was standing next to Chee’s wife when Chee confronted him.

“He started to yell at me,” Quadlin said.

Chee’s family says Chee was only trying to protect his wife.

Quadlin says he decided to leave when he noticed the situation getting tense but Chee followed him out.

“The surveillance video will show that he grabbed me from behind,” Quadlin said.

“He punched me in the chin, grabbed my face. He had me pinned. He was beating me up and threatening to kill me,” Quadlin said.

Quadlin says it was at that point he feared for his life and drew his gun.

He left the Walmart immediately after, calling police and telling them to meet him at the house.

Chandler police say Quadlin has been cooperating and they are still conducting interviews.

The county attorney will decide if Quadlin can claim self-defense.

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