Valley veteran Jake Spencer helping soldiers fight PTSD

CHANDLER - A Valley veteran wants to give back and continue to serve.

"I want to work with combat veterans," said Jake Spencer.

After completing two tours in Iraq with the Marines and surviving an IED explosion, Spencer wants to take on a different battle: Post-traumatic stress disorder.

"When they come back, their war and experience hasn't ended," said Spencer

Soldiers who suffer from PTSD often feel stressed or frightened even when they are no longer in danger.

It's something Spencer struggles with every day.

"I still get nervous with heavy crowds and driving on the freeway," said Spencer.

So he's going back to school to get a degree in psychology. Hoping his military background and education will help him reach his dreams.

"The psychologists at the VA are great, but they don't know what we've experienced. And to have someone there that can say 'I know what you are talking about,' I think that will go much further," said Spencer.

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Dreams that will allow him to continue to serve his country and fight for the soldier next to him.

"It's a never ending thing, however we can make them successful, I want to help."

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