Valley football player drops sport after concussion, but supports brother's dream to play

CHANDLER, AZ - Conner Posz grew up watching his older brother play football in high school and eventually in college. It was his dream to follow in his brother's footsteps when he made it to Hamilton High School.

"It's in our family's blood. Football brings us all together," said Posz.

With hopes of playing at the college level, Posz's senior year out on the field meant everything to him. But one practice changed everything.

"All I remember is black. I was hit and I was really dizzy. It felt like the ground was moving," said Posz.

Posz suffered a concussion that sidelined him for four weeks, and left him facing the tough decision of whether or not to pursue the sport in college.

"We have a very good trainer here at Hamilton who tests the players for concussions. Safety is our number one priority," said head coach, Steve belles.

"Once I was allowed back on the field I was very cautious. It was a tough decision that I made with my parents to not pursue it in college, but I'm happy I decided not to do," said Posz.

His younger brother cooper is now following in his footsteps, playing football for Hamilton High School.

"I encourage him to do what he wants as long as he is safe. I give him recommendations and tell him to always listen to the coaches," said Posz.

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