Thieves after high end car tires, rims in Chandler

CHANDLER, AZ - Chandler police are warning residents to park their cars in the garage, due to a number of tires and rims going missing throughout the city.

Over the past few months, as many as 14 cars have been stripped for their tires and rims.

Police said the thieves are targeting high-end wheels, mainly GM trucks and passenger cars like the Lincoln MKS and Dodge Magnums. 

Police said the crimes have taken place late at night or in the overnight hours. The stripped cars are then left on landscape blocks believed to be brought in by the suspects.

Chandler police recommend the following to help keep your car safe:

- Park your car in a garage if possible.

- Park a second vehicle close by, too close for thieves to access the rims and tires.

- Keep the area around your vehicle well lighted at night.

- Use a motion sensor alarm on your vehicle.

- Consider forming a block watch for your neighborhood.

- If you have them, use surveillance cameras to record activity in your driveway.

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