Self defense or something else? Video and 911 calls released in Walmart shooting death

The chaos and concern can be heard on the 911 calls.

"A fight broke out by the checkout and a man has been shot," said the first 911 caller with screams coming from the background.

It's unknown what exactly sparked the February 16th fight between Kriston Chee and Cyle Quadlin, but in the end, Chee, 36 would be dead after a single gunshot to the chest.

"I used my firearm in self defense," said Quadlin during an interview with ABC15. "I aimed low and unfortunately the guy passed."

Quadlin left the scene after the shooting and his wife called 911 to tell police what had happened.

During the call, the 25-year-old told the dispatcher his side of the story.

"He (Chee) proceeded to follow me out, I didn't even get to the front door and this guy attacked me," Quadlin can be heard telling the 911 dispatcher in recordings released to ABC15. "It should be on camera and everything."

Turns out, the entire incident is caught on camera.

Click the video screen above, watch the story and you decide if it's self defense or something else.

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