Self-defense in Arizona: Law dictates when it's ok to shoot or not shoot

Chandler investigators still looking into the self-defense claims after a man was shot and killed at a Walmart near Alma School and Warner roads Sunday.

Arizona law allows you to claim self-defense if you fear your life is in danger.

This is defined as anytime there is a physical fight that gets out of control. You can use lethal or physical force anywhere, at home or in public.

There are exceptions:

-Self-defense claims cannot be made during verbal altercations. But, once that argument turns physical and you feel your life is in danger, then you may be able to claim self-defense.

-You cannot use self-defense during lawful use of force by a police officer.

Who instigated the initial confrontation will be a major factor in any claim.

"If you instigate a fight, then you can't claim self-defense. You have to be perfectly innocent and be attacked for no reason of your own and then you have a right of self-defense," said gun law expert, Alan Korwin.

If you instigate the fight and back away and the other person continues to fight, then you may be able to claim self-defense.



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