Police: Teen shot in Chandler by mistake after stealing gun

CHANDLER, AZ - A, 18-year-old is in the hospital and another is in custody after a shooting involving a stolen gun in Chandler Monday morning.

Police at the scene, near Ray and Rural roads, said two 18-year-old men were playing with a gun across from a Circle K.

One of the teens allegedly shot the other in the arm by mistake.

Police said the two ran to the Circle K to get help and left the gun there.

They reportedly told police they were walking near the Circle K and got shot, but police realized the story wasn't adding up and kept asking questions.

Police said the person that shot the other by mistake confessed to what really happened.

The gun was stolen during a burglary allegedly committed by the teens overnight, according to police.

Police said the two committed a couple of burglaries and break-ins.

One of the teens is in custody, but charges are unknown at this time.

Police said the person who was shot is in the hospital and will recover.

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