Ostrich Festival, Aloha Festival-goers in the Valley brave cold weather

CHANDLER, AZ - Festival-goers and vendors had to brave cold weather and a muddy mess in the Valley following Friday's storm.


While it may be all smiles and fun for some, for Steve Boger it's all about business at the Ostrich Festival in Chandler.

"Our attendance was down completely to nearly nothing, but we can't control the weather. We have to just go on," said Boger.

Friday night's rain and wind forced him to shut down his camel rides and petting zoo. His focus for the rest of the weekend is to make up all the money he lost.

"There's no way I can make up the money. Today is one of the slower Saturdays I've seen in years," said Boger.

But the cold and wet weather didn't bother vendors at the Tempe Aloha Festival.

More than 120,000 people came out to enjoy food and hula dancers that came from as far as New Zealand.

"Slap on a jacket if you have to. Get your butt on out here. It's that simple," said one attendee.

Even after the sun went down over the events, those who came out didn't let a little rain or cold slow them down.

The only downside was all the mud people had to trek through festival grounds.

"The mud is the only thing that sucks about it right now," said one attendee at the Ostrich Festival.

If you're interested in attending either of these events Sunday, visit ostrichfestival.com or azalohafest.org.

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