Oklahoma tornado: Valley woman's family survives massive storm

Jennifer Ring tried nonstop to get in touch with her father and two daughters who live in Moore, OK after a tornado ripped through the town. She received a text message from family that her daughters were okay, but it took hours to get in touch by phone.

"My middle one Hailey, she said, "Mom I was scared." I told her I know honey, I'm going to try and get there as soon as I can," said Ring.

Luckily, Ring's two daughters, along with her father and his wife made it out of the rubble without a scratch. Ring's family dog, a yellow lab named Ginger was found safe a day later in the rubble. Her family's homes were a complete loss. They are now staying with her brother in a nearby town.

"My father's home is just a pile of bricks and debris now. There's nothing left. I can't imagine how he's feeling. I could never imagine waking up one day and having my entire family lose everything. It's devastating," said Ring.

Ring has been working on raising money for relief efforts for her hometown. She plans on flying to Moore within the next week to see her family and help with the cleanup.

"Moore is a small town. Everyone is so kind, friendly. I'm going to hopefully help collect donations and get them whatever they need," said Ring.

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