Moo-ve over! Cow gets loose near Chandler mall, wrangled by cowboy

CHANDLER, AZ - It was like the wild, wild west in Chandler Wednesday night when a man on a horse rescued a cow that got loose near Chandler Fashion Center.

A viewer sent ABC15 pictures of the cow, after following the animal from Chompies to the Hobby Lobby store near the mall at the 101 and Chandler Boulevard.

The ABC15 viewer was able to corner the cow at the Hobby Lobby entrance with her car and two other vehicles until a cowboy and horse arrived and lassoed the cow.

The woman said the cow was almost hit by several cars while it was running around the high-traffic area.

A Department of Public Safety spokesperson said their office received a call around 4:30 p.m. about a cow on the roadway near Loop 202 and Kyrene Road, but they never had contact with the animal and did not get any further calls for assistance.

There is no word at this time who the cow belongs to, or how it got loose.

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