Hit-and-run caught on tape in Chandler

CHANDLER, AZ - Investigators with the Chandler Police Department are hoping to talk with two teenage girls believed to be responsible for a hit and run accident that injured a man out walking with his brother.

Steven Bright, 26, suffered a broken wrist in the accident as well as multiple cuts and bruises.

Bright tells ABC15 he and his brother were walking on the sidewalk outside Carson Elementary School around 10 p.m. on August 4th when two teens in a white pickup truck started throwing water balloons at them.

To keep from getting hit by the balloons, Bright's brother crossed the roadway in front of the truck. Bright was attempting to do the same when the truck collided with him.

Bright ended up going over the top of the truck. Part of his clothing snagged on the truck's gate causing him to be dragged for a short time.

As Bright sat on the pavement dazed, he watched the truck that hit him simply drive away.

A surveillance camera at Carson Elementary School caught the hit-and-run on tape.

Bright watched the video for the first time Friday night.

"It's horrifying," said Bright. "It's terrible. Just to re-watch it and relive it,  I can't imaging what my brother thought. Just watching in a third person atmosphere, it's terrible."

Bright is putting up $2,000 of his own money for information leading to the arrest of the hit and run driver.

Anyone with information regarding the white Ford quad-cab is urged to call the Chandler Police Department at 480-782-4130 and reference report number 12-080188.

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