EXCLUSIVE: Ex-girlfriend of Chandler bomb threat suspect says he wanted revenge for being bullied

CHANDLER, AZ - The ex-girlfriend of the student who threatened a "Columbine" type massacre at a Chandler school tells ABC15 she's the one who informed school officials before he could act out his sinister plans.

"He first started asking me about a gun, and if I could get it for him," said Sara Allen, a sophomore at Chief Hill Academy in Chandler.

His ex-girlfriend says the 16-year-old boy wanted revenge after years of being bullied.

"He kept telling me he had his reasons, and he wanted people to pay for what they did to him," she said. "He was really angry and he was depressed, and he was going through a lot."

Sara Allen tells ABC15 she didn't take his threats seriously until he told her not to go to school on Tuesday.

"I just got really scared and I told my counselor, and she was like, 'You know I have to tell', and I was like, 'I know'".

She said the two fake bombs placed on campus were just a scare tactic, "So they knew he was powerful."

Allen says she used to date the suspect a year ago, and that he's always been interested in the Columbine shootings. "He sent me a picture of Dylan Klebold, and he was one of the shooters in Columbine."

His ex-girlfriend is concerned he may try to kill himself, and says that was part of his plan. "He wanted an opportunity so he wouldn't have to do it himself."

Sara Allen tells ABC15 that she could also face charges for helping the suspect get a gun. She also says she believes there were others involved.

ABC15 asked to see the text messages sent by the suspect, but Allen said her phone was still in police custody.

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