Clackamas Town Center shooting: Valley woman, Jessica Morrow, escapes deadly Oregon shooting

CHANDLER, AZ - A Valley man is woman is lucky to be alive after escaping a deadly shooting in Oregon that left three people dead, including the shooter.

Scott Morrow is a project manager living in Chandler. His 21-year-old daughter Jessica manages a store in the Clackamas Town Center Mall a few doors down from where the shootings took place.

"I heard the shots, but thought something big fell down," said Jessica from her Portland home a few hours after the shooting. "Then there were more shots and people just bolted in every direction," she said.

"As a father, my first concern is for my daughter," said Morrow. "I found out she got out a back door to safety and everyone in the store was okay."

Jessica was managing the store with a few dozen people inside. She said everyone ran toward the back of the store cramming in a small back room. They eventually found a back door to the building and got outside where soon after SWAT teams surrounded the building. "I'm settling down now, but still a little in shock," she said.

She didn't see the gunman herself. Other witnesses said the man was wearing a white hockey mask and a camouflage jacket and was screaming "I am the shooter."

Police said he shot and killed two people and then killed himself.

Morrow said he will get to see Jessica in a few weeks for Christmas.

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