Chandler police arrest stalking suspect Alan Wilde

CHANDLER, AZ - Months of terror are finally over for a Chandler woman now that police have arrested her "stalker" ex-boyfriend.

Officers said they forcibly arrested Alan Wilde after he harassed his ex at her job, Wednesday.

This was the end of nearly eight months of domestic violence and violations of an order of protection the woman had against Wilde.

As bad as this woman wanted Wilde out of her life, detectives had to wait to gather enough evidence against him to make the arrest.

Police said Wilde put up a fight when they caught him.

Detectives told ABC15, Wilde would not accept the fact his ex-girlfriend broke up with him. Even after she got a restraining order against him, Wilde continued to go to her house, bang on the door and scream at her. He would go to her workplace and fight with her there, to the point she was worried she would lose her job.

The victim had to buy a security system and steel screens to protect herself at home.

Over the past few months, Wilde left her letters and hundreds of voicemails on her phone.

Wilde was a locksmith, and told his ex he could break into her home anytime he wanted.

His ex-girlfriend was terrified. She told officers she sold her house and now wants to move out of the state to escape him.

Domestic violence counselors say there is a common reason people like Wilde get obsessed.

"When someone is in a relationship and they are choosing to be abusive and exercise control over another partner, the loss of that relationship represents a loss of control. This type of behavior is designed to regain all of that," Deputy Director of the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence Jessye Johnson said.

If you are ever in a situation where someone is stalking you, even after you get a restraining order, police advise to keep a log of each time this person harasses you.

There are also counselors who can help you figure out what steps you can take to secure your home, and if you need something for self-defense.

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