CA man drives 360 miles for Black Friday deals in Valley

TEMPE, AZ - On Black Friday, we expect to find people who have waited in line for eight hours or more, but never have we met someone who has driven nearly 400 miles to wait that long from another state.

But that's what we found when he stopped by a Target store near the Loop 101 and McClintock Drive.

"I drove 360 miles from Santa Ana because the stores there are just too crazy," said Lazaro Gomes who was first in line.

Luckily for Lazaro, a friend in Chandler offered to put him up for the night.

The man's wife also dropped off a Thankgsiving meal for him as he waited in line for eight hours.

Nearly 1,000 people were behind him in a line that snaked around to the back of the store.

Many were hoping to grab one of 35 46-inch flatscreen televisions for less than $300.

That's the only thing Lazaro was after, and he was first to grab one.

"I'm so happy!" he exclaimed as he wavied his receipt proudly.

One man only came to claim two electric toothbrushes, but walked out with something much bigger.

"The guy asked if I wanted a television and I said sure, what the heck?" said Miquez Hadley. "I only came for the toothbrushes. I think I'll play the lottery tonight!"

He scored the last of the 35 marked down televisions, something many others were desperate to get.

And best of all, he didn't have to drive 360 miles.

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