Bride loses $14,000 payment for wedding after venue closes its doors

CHANDLER - A local Chandler wedding venue closed its doors leaving dozens of brides out of money and out of a place to hold their wedding. 

Inspirador, owned by Dilia Wood, emailed clients Saturday telling them they needed to shut down immediately, blaming a recent foreclosure for the problem.

According to the company's bank, Inspirador has had financial problems since 2011. The bank took over the facility last week.

Brides like Theresa Tanner aren't happy. Tanner has already paid for her wedding in full. It cost her $14,000 to host 170 guests at her wedding that's supposed to happen in 30 days.

"We have to cancel our honeymoon," Tanner said.

She's doing that to pay for her wedding.

"It's the coldest thing you can imagine. This is the place where all my dreams would come true and this is the place that shattered them all in an email," said Tanner.

Tanner, along with 60 other brides received the same letter saying the company had to close its doors immediately.

"I know how hard my parents worked and my fiancé worked to give me my dream wedding," said Tanner.

Tanner says despite the recent struggles she knows she will marry the love of her life on her wedding day.

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