Arizona woman who spends time in Honduras explains why migrant children flee Central America

CHANDLER, AZ - Jenny Kast spends a lot of time in Honduras with her organization, The Children's Home Project, trying to make it a safer place for kids.

"The poverty is extreme. I mean I'm talking about homes that are built out of tarps and pieces of wood," Kast said.

It isn't easy.

"They're independent and on their own from the time of eight, nine, ten," she said.

Kast said she's seen kids as young as five living on the streets alone.

"There's just not a lot of hope for a lot of the kids," she said.

Kast said that's why so many of them dream of coming to the United States.

"If they're younger they want an education. If they're older then they want to be able to provide for their families," she said.

Kast said knowing the journey these children are willing to make to get here proves how badly they want better lives.

"To come here through Mexico is dangerous and it's difficult, and I'm sure all of them experience something on the way here that none of us will experience in our lifetime. They're going through a lot to escape a very hard life and I respect them for that," she said.

For more information on The Children's Home Project, you can visit their website.


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