'Apple pickers' steal $20K worth of iPads, iMacs, MacBook Pros from 'The Orchard' in Chandler

CHANDLER, AZ - Three men broke into a Chandler computer store early Thursday morning, swiping an estimated $20,000 worth of iMacs, MacBook Pros and iPads, according the store's owner.

"First thought was, we're going to have a terrible Christmas this year," said Justin Cannon of The Orchard Apple Store.

Cannon contacted ABC15 hoping someone would recognize the people in the surveillance video and report them to Chandler police.

The video is also posted on the store's Facebook page .

"What kills me is that these guys are obviously capable of going out and getting a job, and they're choosing to rip us off," Cannon told ABC15.

"We're a small business," he said, "it's not like there's a big corporate bank account behind us."

The store has insurance which will cover most of the theft, he said.

The video shows three men break in through the back door around 4:15 a.m.

In about 70 seconds, they grab almost all of the products in the showroom.

The store states on its Facebook page that it is offering a reward for information.

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