Adolescent psychiatrist Mark Welleck weighs in on Chandler kitten abuse

CHANDLER, AZ - A Valley psychiatrist is providing insight as to why a group of boys in Chandler viciously abused a two-month-old kitten.

The boys, all between the ages of seven and 12, were caught on surveillance video abusing a kitten, throwing a soccer ball at it and pushing it down a slide.

It took place at mobile home community in Chandler. Eventually, the kids tossed the kitten's lifeless body over a fence into a pool.

"How can young kids do that?" questioned Dr. Mark Wellek, an adult and adolescent psychiatrist in the Valley. He's worked in the field for more than 40 years and has some ideas as to why the kids might have done this.

One reason could be boredom.

"Kids are wandering around with nothing to do and kids need stimulation. Unfortunately they went in the wrong direction, an abusive direction, rather than in a normal play direction," said Wellek.

Or possibly, they were just following the leads of their friends.

"If one starts it, the others might join in, fearing that they would be judged as useless," said Wellek.

An anonymous resident at the mobile home community is concerned by the situation and hopes someone will teach the kids how to treat pets the right way.

"Just play with the animals. Be kind…that's it."

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