Valley mother fears son Craig Silva was kidnapped in Mexico

A Valley family is in Mexico desperately searching for their missing loved one and fear he may have been kidnapped.

Craig Silva, 31, went missing three weeks ago in Puerto Vallarta.

Silva grew up in Mesa and moved to Mexico for a job in 2007.

On May 8, Silva and his friend, Diego Hernandez, disappeared after they dropped off Silva's girlfriend at school.

"I close my eyes and I hear ‘mom.' I just want him home," said Silva's mother, Joanne Trickel, who lives in Apache Junction.

"There's no trace of them anywhere. This is a big tourist city and American's shouldn't go missing with no trace."

Silva's sister, Brenda Barnum is in Mexico hoping to find any clues into his disappearance but so far has little to go on.

"It's scary because we don't know who has him. We don't know why they have him. We don't know anything," said Barnum.

Silva's family has been working with police in Mexico and the Embassy and said they recently reached out to Senator John McCain's office.

"Everybody keeps telling us that he's still alive. He's out there and he's still alive and they're gonna let him go. It's confusing to me because, I mean, who holds somebody for three weeks? Why are they holding him still?" asked Barnum.

After he went missing, Trickel said investigators found surveillance video of someone using Silva's bank card at a mall six hours away.

Later, police found his abandoned SUV in another city two hours away.

"You're going to take a human being, you're gonna rip apart a family, you're gonna put us through all this for what, a shopping trip?" said Barnum.

Hernandez is from Canada but lives in Puerto Vallarta where he runs a mixed-martial-arts training gym.

As the family frantically searches Mexico for their loved one, Barnum is trying not to worry about another concern back at home.

"Right now, I'm using my vacation time. That will run out the beginning of next week so after that I don't know – I won't have any income coming in so I really don't know what I'm gonna do after that but I know I will not give up the search for my son," said Trickel.

The family created a Facebook page hoping for any tips in the case and to keep friends and family updated on the latest information.

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