Wife of hiker missing in Superstition Mountains continues to hold hope

APACHE JUNCTION, AZ - Overcast skies kept temperatures down, and as search teams spread out in the Superstition Mountains, hopes rose that Kenny Clark would be found alive.

"I am hoping they find him today," his wife, Heather Clark said.

Speaking on-camera for the first time, Heather also shared her frustration that Kenny hasn't been seen since Sunday.

"I just can't believe this is happening. It's like a nightmare. It is a nightmare," she said.

She said Kenny went for one of his frequent hikes Sunday morning, but never came back.

She thinks the 56-year-old ran into some kind of trouble on one of the trails.

"I think he's injured. If he wasn't injured, he would be here. He has an un-erring sense of direction," she said.

The break from triple-digit heat allowed crews to continue searching without interruption, canvassing the area.

So far, there's no time-frame on stopping the search.

"To do this and to be successful, you have to be optimistic at all times," Maricopa County Search and Rescue's David Bremson said.

Clark's wife says she'll keep looking--no matter how long it takes.

"Until they find him. If they stop looking, then I will look. The sooner we find him, the better off he will be," Heather Clark said.

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