Johnathan Croom: Father searches for missing teen in Oregon wilderness

PHOENIX - A Valley teenager remains missing, his car found more than a thousand miles from home.

Johnathan Croom's father continues looking for his son who may have abandoned society so he could go "into the wild."

David Croom is frantically searching the Oregon wilderness for 18-year-old Johnathan.

The teen's been missing for nearly a week but police believe he may not want to be found.

"I've never felt a fear like this, it's unexplainable," David Croom said.

David says his son vanished just after setting out on a long road trip, headed home from Washington state where he'd been visiting a friend.

That friend is the last person to hear from him.

Johnathan sent a text message in which he talked about going "on an adventure."

The teen's father now fears that adventure may have been inspired by the 2007 film "Into the Wild" about a young hiker seeking isolation in the Alaskan wilderness.

"We're talking about a kid who was obsessed with the movie," David said. "My concern is he is up there with very limited resources, not a lot of experience."

On Wednesday, police found Johnathan's car abandoned in rural Oregon.

Inside they found his ID, wallet, $200 in cash and a book on outdoor survival tactics.

"Just as in that movie…he left everything behind and took off, and we just don't know what he left with," David said.

Today Johnathan's father was back in the wild searching for his son, and says he isn't leaving until he finds him.

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